Spark your sales.

Business strategy & sales consulting.

Is your sales funnel performing the way it should, or are you leaking qualified leads and leaving money on the table? Mindflint’s proprietary FunnelVision™ sales consulting process optimizes your sales efforts in order to maximize results — guaranteed.


“It was a more challenging process than we initially anticipated to fully understand the conditions that had to be in place for a company decision-maker to purchase our cyber-risk solution.

Starting at the end of the sales process — and not leaving there until we had validated the optimal conditions for closing — gave us the clarity we needed to build the most effective strategies to acquire new prospects and turn them into new clients. I strongly believe in and enthusiastically advocate Mindflint FunnelVision™ because I have experienced the value of their unique approach firsthand.”

Our sales consulting process:


We first analyze and sharply define how buyers of your products and/or services make their decisions — the bottom of the funnel.


We align and optimize marketing and sales efforts all of the way through the funnel — from identifying and attracting the right prospects to creating and validating sales qualified leads to maximizing close rates.


We measure the ROI of each stage of the funnel and work with you to relentlessly improve execution, growing your sales while controlling your sales-related costs.