What We Do & How We Work

Using every available medium to get your story out there.

What We Do. Our Integrated Storytelling Approach.

Here’s a high-level summary of the things we’re good at. To see examples of our work, as well as specifics on process, pricing, and such, check out the stories section.


Whether you need a small, medium, or large website, we follow the same basic principles — smart planning, clean design, simplicity, and ease of use — to bring your story to life online and get it noticed. More ›

service-icon-brandingBranding & Logo Design

Great stories begin with a great brand. However, if you’ve ever tried boiling a story down to its essence and capturing it visually and verbally, you know it’s quite a challenge. Fortunately, that’s where we shine. More ›

service-icon-printPrint Design

Even in our digital world, quality print work is still critical to getting your story out there and building a cohesive brand, from standard stuff like business cards to direct mail, brochures, signage, and lots more. More ›

service-icon-socialSocial Media

Wading through the social media swamp can be pretty daunting. We’ll help set you up, find your voice, engage your audience, and equip you with tools to maximize impact and measure results.

service-icon-emailEmail Marketing

Are you using email to keep your story in front of your audience? We’ll custom-design your email blasts to match your brand, assist with messaging, and help refine your strategy to increase engagement.


For most people, writing is about as much fun as bathing a cat. We’re here to shoulder that burden, helping you flesh out your story, get it on paper, and capture messaging that does your story justice.

service-icon-seoSearch Engine Optimization

Optimizing your site to rank well in search engine results is an ongoing effort that requires the right partner. Our extended team has a proven track record of delivering (and maintaining) quality results.

service-icon-adOnline Advertising

In addition to search engine optimization, strategic online advertising can give quite a boost to your message. We’ll help by finding the right channels, creating ‘sticky’ campaigns, and tracking each ad’s effectiveness.

service-icon-coachCoaching & Community

Great stories don’t thrive in a vacuum. Our one-of-a-kind Storybox Collective is a dynamic storytelling community that connects you not just to Mindflint, but to other like-minded partners who can help enhance your story.

How We Work. The Partnership Model.

Ongoing partnerships are where we do our best work as storytellers — it keeps everyone engaged, and your story really has a chance to gather steam — so we’ve designed options to work with any budget.

The chart below shows our three available partnership levels, as well as ‘what you get’ at each level. We realize that every client has different needs, and that those needs are constantly changing, so this is simply meant to show some common examples of what we can do at each level. If none of these are a good fit, we’ll customize a plan that works for you. However we set it up, our goal is to constantly shock you with the value you receive for the time, money, and trust you invest in us, both with the work you receive and the intangibles provided by our team.

Only looking for a one-off project for right now?

Sometimes folks just need a single project completed at the time, and that’s totally cool. You still have the option to join our Storybox Collective for a monthly (or yearly) fee and have access to all the benefits our partners enjoy.

Level 1


Great way to start out for organizations not quite ready (or able) to invest more, giving us a platform on which to begin building and sharing your story.

  • Web. Keep your website fresh with basic text and image updates.
  • Graphics. A couple custom graphics for your website, such as a new ‘billboard’ graphic for your home page.
  • Print. Design a custom print piece once a quarter or so to supplement other marketing efforts.
  • Social Media. Set up and brand your streams and provide some coaching on how best to utilize them.
  • Email Marketing. Design and send a monthly e-newsletter.
  • Coaching. Face time with our team leads at least once a quarter.
  • Analytics. Monthly report showing a basic traffic summary for your website.

Level 2


More room to really push your story forward by involving more of our team, leveraging additional communication platforms, and getting more face time with you to develop and refine strategy.

  • Web. Consistent text and graphic updates to your website, plus proactive management by our team to help keep content fresh.
  • Graphics. Three to five custom graphics to use across multiple mediums.
  • Social Media. Set up and basic management of up to three feeds, plus analytics tracking.
  • Print. Design a custom print piece once every six weeks or so to supplement other marketing efforts.
  • Blog. Post a weekly blog (written by you), including graphics.
  • Email Marketing. Design and send a bi-weekly e-newsletter.
  • Strategy. Detailed up-front needs analysis and marketing strategy development, then ongoing implementation and adjustments.
  • Coaching. Face time with our team leads at least once a month.
  • Analytics. Reporting and analysis on how to improve web traffic and goal conversions.

Level 3


Here we truly get to take the role of a ‘storytelling partner’, just as if you hired someone in-house (only you get our whole team — for a fraction of the price).

Everything in Level 2 plus:

  • More time. Naturally, a larger budget allows us to invest more time consistently, keeping our team engaged in your story, providing greater flexibility to think creatively, and helping us react quickly.
  • More focus. Our workload ebbs and flows, but our partners (especially at this level) can rest assured that our calendar is already blocked out, allowing us to prioritize future work.
  • More coaching. For our Level 3 partners, we make sure our team leads are accessible as needed for ongoing training, consulting, brainstorming, and strategy development.