Branding & Logo Design

Great stories begin with a great brand.

Branding & Logo Design. Concept creation, design, messaging, and brand stewardship.

  • 50 in 5 Custom Logo Design

    50 in 5 Campaign
    Raising up leaders in 50 European cities to launch a movement of dynamic, reproducing churches.

  • Walk A Mile Custom Logo Design

    Walk a Mile
    The country's premier anti-bullying school assembly program focusing teaching students respect and diversity.

  • Senior Class Homecare Custom Logo Design

    Senior Class Homecare
    A unique company "built on love", whose unique approach to in-home senior care is changing lives daily.

  • Conquer Conference Custom Logo Design

    Conquer Conference
    Annual women's conference sponsored by Morgan Ministries in La Veta, Colorado

  • Arbrie Bookkeeping Custom Logo Design

    Arbrie Bookkeeping
    Professional bookkeeping services for small to medium businesses and non-profits.

  • VisitorLync Custom Logo Design

    An innovative 'virtual receptionist' touch screen kiosk that connects visitors to your team.

  • Soulsmith Counseling Custom Logo Design

    SoulSmith Counseling
    Focusing on healing deep trauma to forge new and empowered souls.

  • mTelligence Custom Logo Design

    A tool that allows organizations to capture real-time customer feedback via mobile devices.

Crafting Your Brand

Your story is entirely unique, so investing in your brand is a fundamental step in telling your story with excellence. And once your brand is captured, then it must be stewarded. That means establishing precisely how your brand — including logo, colors, icon, and messaging — should and shouldn’t be used. A strong brand elicits confidence in those who view your story, but inconsistencies can quickly undermine that confidence.

Here’s the 3-phase process we work through to craft your brand:

Design Brief. We start by conducting an initial interview to help our creative team gather information about you, your organization, your existing brand (if any), and how you would like to be represented.

Research. Using the Design Brief as a starting point, we then conduct our own preliminary, high-level research focused on your industry, your organization’s history, and your closest competitors to get us pointed in the right direction.

Reference. Hand in hand with Research, our Reference phase looks into logo designs that have been successful, as well as current styles and trends that may be related to the information discovered during the design brief.

Sketching and Conceptualizing. During this phase, we develop the logo design concept(s) around the brief and research. We then email you a “sketch page” for confirmation of several directions before continuing on to digital design.

Presentation. Next, we present you with a number of different logo designs in black and white format. Then, once you decide upon a final direction, we design the logo in full color and submit it to you for review.

Revisions. It’s tough to nail the perfect design on the first crack, so a number of different revisions may have to be made to land on the perfect design (but we try to limit it to two).

Celebration. To wrap things up, we’ll design your approved logo in the appropriate file formats (vector, JPG, PDF, PSD) and send you all the artwork.

Stewardship. It’s nice to have a great logo, but now that logo must be stewarded. We create a detailed style guide to explain how your logo can and cannot be used to ensure that it’s employed consistently going forward.

Propaganda. And finally, we’ll discuss any additional business collateral needs, such as business cards, appointment cards, stationary, brochures, and swag. Check out all the options here.


Here’s what you get:

Custom Logomark. Your custom-designed logo, including all original vector artwork files.

Brand Identity Guide. Includes PMS colors, fonts, 4 versions of logomark in various tones (greyscale, PMS background colors), standards guide for your organization to make sure the integrity of the brand stays in place once it leaves the Mindflint offices. Click here for an example.